The Return of the Author at King’s

Bob’s beard grew on the King’s School’s youngest readers as the reception class were thrilled by a rendition from brilliant Macclesfield children’s author Fay Evans.

Following on from her classic ‘Fred the Fire Sneezing Dragon’, Fay returned to King’s to give a reading of ‘Bob’s Beard’, making use of the normally clean-shaven Alexander Mape aged five-years-old, to act out the role of the giant.

Bob is a lonely giant who longs to help others, but every animal in the wood runs away in fear of his great size. When Bob begins to grow a big bushy beard, things start to change for the better as the animals find a whole new habitat feeding off the crumbs that fall into his spectacular whiskers.

Fay, a former journalist and public relations copy writer, had always enjoyed her work but yearned for something more creative and so began her book series.

Her beautifully illustrated books are written in rhyming couplets and at King’s as part of a local, regional and national tour of primary schools she challenged the pupils to mimic her style, create their own characters and bring their imaginations to life.

“I want the children to have a go themselves, enjoy writing and share their own stories with their friends,” added Fay.

King’s Reception Class Techer Nicola Partington said: “Fay has that wonderful gift of seeing the world from the eye of a child and telling stories that engage, excite and enthuse their inquiring young minds.”