New Storytelling Sessions For Reception Classes

This photograph fills my heart with joy!

It shows a Reception class of four and five-year-olds, happily reading their copies of my latest children’s book Bob’s Beard.

The photo was taken shortly after I had delivered one of my brand new storytelling sessions at a primary school in Cheshire. It’s great to see how after the session had ended, the teacher encouraged the children to engage with my book and follow the story independently. 

My new 60-minute author visit is designed especially for Pre School and Reception classes. This fun and interactive session helps Early Years teachers to get pupils engaged with books and boost phonics, literacy and comprehension skills.

Schools have the option of receiving a FREE author visit, subject to book sales on the day, or paying a £99 attendance fee for the 1-hour session.

I love delivering these new sessions and seeing how much the youngest children in the school enjoy taking part and having fun!

If you would like further details, please use the Contact form on my website.