A New Musical Theatre Show for Children

Dim the house lights, cue the drumroll…
“My name is Fay Evans and I have a dream.”
If you’ve been following my story as a children’s author since the launch of my first book in 2017, you’ll know it has been quite a journey!
I’m proud to have made the transition from PR consultant to successful author and storyteller. But now it’s time for an exciting new chapter…
Today I’m announcing my latest creative project and I would love your support.  I’m taking my book Fred The Fire-Sneezing Dragon ‘from page to stage’ in an all-rhyming-all-singing-all-sneezing children’s musical theatre show.
Alongside composer Andrea Rose Lamballe I’ve been busy finalising the script and musical score. We’re now ready to get Fred: The Musical on its scaly green feet!
Fred: The Musical  is an accessible and engaging musical theatre show for all children of primary school age to enjoy. The show has a simple all-rhyming narrative, a catchy score and a performance style that is full of physicality and fun.
The show features recognisable elements of pantomime, with performers actively encouraging audience participation in sing-along songs, actions and dance. The lively musical score includes a  mix of styles – a rock ’n roll number, a tango, a folk song, funky rap and a full-on power ballad, performed by the show’s leading man – a lovable dragon.
Fred is a lonely young dragon whose fiery sneezes cause chaos at school. He is teased by his human classmates, until he accidentally saves the day. The pupils eventually learn to accept and celebrate Fred, who goes from ‘zero to hero’ in this heartwarming tale.
Over the past few weeks I’ve made some fantastic connections with actors, musical performers and behind-the-scenes theatre folk to be part of ‘Team Fred’.
We’re now working towards a workshop and first ever public performance of this interactive stage musical later this year. But we need a little bit of help to make this happen and would be grateful for any support you can offer.
You can find out more about the project and how you can help here.
Thank you for reading – I really hope you can offer a little help to make my BIG musical theatre dreams come true!