Introducing Fred: The Musical

Fred: The Musical is a brand new stage show for children based on my book, Fred The Fire-Sneezing Dragon.
Aimed at toddlers and primary school children, the show is packed full of life and laughter, with lots of pantomime-style audience interaction.
Fred: The Musical will delight youngsters and their grown ups, potentially providing many young audience members with their first experience of live theatre.

All About The Show
Fred: The Musical has a simple all-rhyming narrative and catchy, sing-along songs. The lively musical score features a mix of styles including a full-on power ballad, performed by the show’s leading man – a lovable dragon.
Fred is a lonely young dragon whose fiery sneezes cause chaos at school. He is teased by his human classmates, until he accidentally saves the day. The pupils eventually learn to accept and celebrate Fred, who goes from ‘zero to hero’ in this heartwarming tale.
At the heart of the show are themes of friendship, diversity and inclusivity. Fred: The Musical encourages children to accept those that are different and demonstrates that everyone is good at something.


My Vision For Fred: The Musical

I’ve written the script and song lyrics for the show and I’m working with an experienced composer of children’s music on the musical score.
My big vision is to have the show touring UK primary schools and regional theatres (before its West End/Broadway transfer, obvs!).
I’m now in the process of taking the show ‘from page to stage’ and have brought together a team of experienced creative folk and theatre partners to help turn my dream into reality.
My plan is to stage a two-week rehearsal workshop with a small cast of professional actors, a musical director and an experienced artistic director. This would lead to the first ever live performance of the show for an audience of primary school children.
I’ve applied for funding from Arts Council England and have set up a successful crowdfunding campaign to provide additional support to make this happen.

How You Can Help

You can find out more about Fred: The Musical on my dedicated GoFundMe page. There are rewards on offer for public donations, plus a range of corporate sponsorship options for entrepreneurs, businesses and organisations.