Teacher Feedback

“We were amazed by how engaged all 60 children were whilst listening to the story of Fred The Fire-Sneezing Dragon, which proved what a fantastic story it is!” – Reception Teacher


“Great Interaction. Kept the children interested throughout. Bob’s Beard is a wonderful story!” – Year 1 & 2 Teacher


“The actions brought the character of Fred to life and Fay encouraged all of the children to join in. They loved every second of it!” – Reception Teacher.


“All the children really enjoyed the author visit. It was lovely to see them so engaged with the story of Bob’s Beard!” – Nursery/Reception Teacher.


“Fay was brilliant with the children and pitched the session perfectly for the age range (four and five-year-olds). After the story, the children wanted to draw and paint dragons, build dragon dens outside, start a castle role play area and so much more. We’ve started a new topic based on dragons and have never had so many children wanting to write stories!” – Reception Teacher





“Fay brought the story to life and had such a natural rapport with the children it was as if she was the class teacher, which meant that we as teachers could relax and enjoy watching the reactions of the children.” – Year 2 Teacher


“Our session with Fay was fantastic! One of those mornings that you know the children will remember for a long time. After hearing the story they had so many ideas for writing and were able to use the ambitious adjectives from the story to describe Fred and his actions. The best thing was that they were all desperate to start drawing and writing, it totally sparked their imaginations. We look forward to inviting Fay back next year and hearing more of her stories.” – Year 1 Teacher


“The children were so keen to write about Fred that we spent the whole morning writing and could have easily carried on into the afternoon. It produced some of the best descriptive writing we had seen from Year 2 pupils and the spelling was brilliant too because we were able to use examples from the story to make it more meaningful.” – Year 2 Teacher





“We were about to start our new topic on ‘Authors’ so the timing of Fay’s visit was perfect. She talked to us about her journey into becoming an author and how this had started at a similar age to our children. You could see the children thinking: ‘Wow, that could be me!’ Fay made them believe in themselves and gave them the motivation to write. They have since written some fantastic mythological stories and their attitudes to writing have been transformed – they now believe that they too can become authors like Fay.” – Year 3 Teacher


“Finally, a story that is fun and engaging with the added bonus of containing lots of the Year 1 and 2 common exception words (including steak!) and words with Year 2 suffixes. Spelling has never been so much fun with Fred the fire-sneezing dragon helping us!” – Year 2 Teacher.