Cubs Give Fiery Dragon A Warm Welcome

Fire-sneezing Fred recently had a very warm welcome from fifteen friendly faces at the 1st Gawsworth St James Cub Scouts pack.

The lively boys and girls enjoyed listening to the tale of Fred The Fire-Sneezing Dragon, before putting pen to paper and writing their own stories, which earned them their coveted Book Badges. 

The Cubs listened eagerly as I talked through my journey to becoming a children’s author. They were then fired up and keen to join in with Fred’s sizzling sneezes as I read them the story. The pack had great fun sneezing along, with some of the loudest cries of ‘ah-choo’ that I have ever heard!

When the storytelling was over, the Cubs were invited to guess what they thought Fred looked like. They all put forward some inventive ideas before I introduced them to the real life cuddly version of Fred himself.

Each member of the pack then had a go at writing and drawing their own illustrated story. Fred The Fire-Sneezing Dragon had certainly sparked their imaginations and it was fun seeing so many different creative ideas come to life. 

Jane Harrison, Akela for the 1st Gawsworth St James Cub Scouts, says: “Our spirited Cubs learnt all about being a children’s author and were inspired to write their own short stories with illustrations. The Cubs also shared their own favourite books with Fay and displayed their love of reading, which I’m sure has been boosted by Fay’s visit. Cub Book Badges were awarded to everyone. Thank you Fay – you are a star!”

Fred was happy to help the boys and girls earn a new badge and is excited by the prospect of meeting other Cub, Beaver Scout, Brownie and Rainbow packs in the future.