Children’s Author Runs Summer Storytelling Sessions

The school summer holiday usually allows me a little break from delivering storytelling sessions on my primary school author visits.

This year I welcomed the opportunity to keep active by running storytelling sessions for two new clients – a children’s charity and a kids’ holiday club company.

In August I enjoyed delivering some storytelling stints for CAFT – the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust. This amazing charity provides free holiday breaks and day trips for terminally ill, chronically sick, disabled and disadvantaged children.

Thousands of children and families across the North West benefit from visiting the fabulous Adventure Farm near Altrincham all year round. As well as being home to an array of furry and feathered friends, the Adventure Farm has indoor and outdoor play equipment and a large area of woodland for visitors to explore.

I was invited to spend some time storytelling in the woodland Magic Circle – the perfect setting to share my book Bob’s Beard. This is the tale of a lonely, clean shaven giant, whose brilliant beard helps him to make a whole host of woodland friends.

It was lovely to meet and interact with all the children and families from Manchester that were visiting the Adventure Farm. Everyone helped to bring the story to life and enjoyed meeting the cuddly woodland characters from my book.

In another adventure, I worked with holiday club childcare franchise Fun Fest Cheshire at three of their venues – Cheadle, Hartford and Sandiford. It was great fun to introduce my books Fred The Fire-Sneezing Dragon and Bob’s Beard to lots of young children aged 3 to 12.

The holiday club children enjoyed sneezing along with Fred and helped bring the story of Bob the giant to life. To add to all the excitement, my storytelling session at Fun Fest Cheadle was filmed and photographed as part of a promotional video being put together by the Fun Fest For Children franchise company. I even gave a little interview on camera!